Hello world!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Okay kids, here I go… I am so sure that I can learn something new.. Don’t say you can not teach an old dog new tricks.
    My friend, Katrina, said I should have my own blog. I’m sure she suggested it because I worry her so much with all my talking.

    I am a married 50 (almost 51) year old mother of two grown men, grandmother of 3 beautiful kids.

    I have had many trials and tribulations in my life but I keep carrying on. You have to in this day and time. My wonderful husband continues to “put up” with me and all my aliments. He is wonderful. We have been together 28 years and married for 24. Okay enough already.

    What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to let other people realize and remember that they are not alone in the mess we all call life.

    For those of you who do not wish to hear about God, this is not the blog for you. For those of you who do…stay tuned.

    God will never leave us. We have to remember to put him first. He is not going to leave us hanging here. After all, he put us here for a reason.
    I still think my reason was to give doctors a subject to practice on… Ha ha. I don’t mind if they learn something.
    Anyway, we are not to question his actions, he is the only one who knows. Just follow him and you will not be lead astray.
    Keep coming back. I will express more of MY opinions. Remember, everything I post is JUST my opinion. I would love to hear yours…

    Terri Dryden

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