Let me try again…

Okay,  I tried to place my first post and it ended up being a comment.  But, I don’t usually give up so this is no different.  I am subject to have things floating all over cyberspace, you never know.

Anyway,  I want to just express my opinon and receive other opinions about everyday things… You know, kids, jobs, husbands/wives, government, church..etc.   Anything that may be on your mind. 

There are days when we can not get out of our own way.  Other days we don’t stop.  Of course, in my case if I don’t stop going today, I won’t be able to get out of my own way tomorrow… ha ha

We all as humans have times of depression.  I don’t care if you are poor as a church mouse or the richest person in the world.  It happens.  Guess what???

Give up?  Well, it is okay.  I have had so many surgeries it is hard to count, somewhere around 30.  I still have to get up and do something.  Now, that being said, it may be that I just get up, go downstairs, get coffee, turn the tv on and then lay on the sofa.  But I did something. 

Think I don’t feel sorry for myself every now and again?  Your wrong.  Of course I do.  Then I remember that God has a plan for me.  I really don’t know what it is but he has one.  I thought it was to be a nurse.  I went to school at 40 to get my RN and ended up on disability at 46.  Now what is up with that?  Oh well, gotta do something else. 

My husband says I am the only person he has ever met that gets involved with so many different things.  Because you see, now I’m writing a book.  Well, I always wanted to do it so why not?   I was embroidering 6 months ago, and I still do some of that.  I am also doing some sewing, the woman I am sewing for would really like me to get back to that.  And I will. 

We have to keep life interesting.  It is too short not to.

Just do not ever give up.  Can’t learn anything that way…


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