Oh, the rain…

It’s 6:30 in the morning, I am sitting outside, it is cool but the sun is shinning, the clouds are pink and the sky is blue. 

Can you believe it?  It’s not raining…for now.  I normally don’t mind the rain, all Gods creations need it but come on… It has rained, and I mean really rained, wind blowing, cold and just plan nasty for five days now.

But who am I to complain?  Can you imagine 40 days and 40 nights?  Ha ha.. Think of how crazy people thought Noah was, building an ark, come on.  Well, I was about ready to have my husband pull the boat up to the back of the house and tie it off because I knew we were going to need it.

However, talking about Noah.  People did think he was nuts.  He was laughed at by everyone.  Our lives are a bit like that.  If we don’t follow the crowd, we get made fun of.  When we step out of the box so to speak.  I am determined to write a book.  Well, I’m a nurse.  Doesn’t make much sense to many people but I always wanted to do it so I’m going to try.  Who knows. 

Nobody thought Noah would need his ark. 

But the rain kept coming.


4 thoughts on “Oh, the rain…

  1. Great way of thinking of things, Ms. Terri.

    As I’ve said so many times, God does not give you the desire to do something without the ability to see it through.

    Follow your dreams…and even when you need to step out of the boat, remember to keep your eyes on Him. It makes all the difference.

    I’m with you every step of the way.

  2. Yeah, I’m glad the rain has stopped too. If it hadn’t you would of had to come get me!

    I am really glad that you are getting involved in so many projects…you know what they say about idle minds. You have a beautiful mind, don’t waste it.

    We have so much in common, being sister’s I guess that helps. I really hope that with the help of Katrina you finish this project, the book I mean. Simply for the self accomplishment more than anything. And who knows if it sells you might make a dollar or two!!! Keep it up.

    Love ya sis

  3. I think it’s great that you are going to proceed with something you have always wanted to do. I wish I would sometimes stop playing it safe and just say the heck with it and do something crazy.

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