Oh, Peer pressure

Good morning everyone,

I think I spoke to soon about the rain, but that is okay because sometimes it reflects our moods.  Eveyone thinks about this weather differently.

I have a wonderful friend with a teenage boy.  Just turned 13.  Then they moved to a totally different culture, from the city to the country.  He is such a wonderful child.  She has taught him and his syblings to number one follow the Lord but to also be themselves.  Neither child is really a follower.  The problem with that sometimes, especially when you are 13, is to fit in with the crowd.  To be able to make friends. 

I know when my children were that age it was very hard for the younger one.  He had, and still has, many learning disabilities.  He was different also.  It makes them feel like they can not make any friends.  We all need friends.  People we can confide in, just talk to, or be silly with. 

Boys at this age want to talk about sports, girls, what they can get into next.  They don’t realize that once they are out of high school they probably will never see these people again and that it really doesn’t matter.  So hard. 

Why do children, and adults, judge people by their looks?  By their clothing?  By the way they walk or talk?  How can we teach children not to do it when we ourselves do it? 

About like the weather… Just because it looks gloomy outside doesn’t mean we have to have a “gloomy day”.  It will be what we make it. 

Don’t be a follower.  Just because one is down because of the way it looks outside, doesn’t mean we all have to.

Hang in there.  It will be okay.  These seasons will pass and a new one will appear out of nowhere.


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