Kreativ Blogger


I can’t believe I was able to copy this… Ha ha.

Katrina you are such a wonderful friend.  I don’t know how you could nominate me when I have just started this stuff… You got me into it and now I’m hooked…

Now, to put 7 things about me, good grief.

1.  I have been married to the same man for 24 years… He puts up with the greatest mess from me..

2.  Right now, I’m fighting the flu.

3.  I am writing my first book.  Loving it.

4.  I have been on disability since April 2005 due to back issues and since then I have had many surgeries.

5.  I have a cute dashound that drives me crazy.  He doesn’t know he’s a dog.

6.  I like to go sporting clay shooting.  I’m not good at it but I love it.

7.  I bake wedding, birthday, anniversary and any other kinda cakes.

Now the next part.  Nominating other people.  Well, I will have to get back to that one because I really don’t know many besides Katrina…

I’ll finish this a little later.  I am having trouble with my aching shoulders, from the flu I guess.

Thanks again Katrina, you are such a dear friend.. Really more like a sister.  I love you like one anyway.


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