The silly flu…

How is everyone? 

I tell you the seasons are changing so much.  Who ever thought we would see so many people so sick so early???

I needed to go to my doctor yesterday because I’m afraid I’ve gotten the flu and I have so many underlying health issues.  I don’t want to end up with complications.  They told me they had so many calls that they were just taking people as walk-ins…  Do you think I want to go sit in a doctor’s office for who knows how long with other sick people???  If I don’t have H1N1, I might end up with it.  Can’t take that chance.

My grandson has been sick with a fever for 6 days now.  He has been to his doctor and a med center.  Now the poor thing has an ear infection.  We are so worried about this 6 day fever.  The doctor told his mother if he wasn’t any better tomorrow to bring him in… What is up with that? 

In my opinion, if he has been on antibiotics for 3 days and is still running a temperature, he needs different antibiotics, but I am no doctor, just a concerned grandmother.  His parents are doing all they can to help him feel better and the doctor says wait til tomorrow.

I understand that all doctors offices are swamped but come on.  How long can an 11 year old stand to have high fevers?  I hate seeing him so sick and of course I literally can’t see him because of whatever it is I have.  Frustrating..

Well all I know, as a nurse, is we all need to drink… Juice, water, tea or something so we don’t get dehydrated.  That will only cause more fever. 

Keep praying that this flu or whatever is going around will disapear and soon.

Love you Ryan.  Get better…


2 thoughts on “The silly flu…

  1. You know I’m there… I have really worried about Ryan. It isn’t like him to be so sick for so long. I love him bunches.. He has to get well, we still have races to win.. ha ha
    Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate it soooo much.

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