Do you think an old Dog can learn new tricks?

Oh my goodness.  I need to let everyone know that I haven’t been this excited since I got married (the second time). 

One of my bestest friends, Miss Katrina, has talked to her editor, send him some of my book, and he said he would be my editor.  I can not believe it.  I got the news last night and didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep.

Now, I have to learn to write.. haha. Things I learned in English and speach are basically out the window.  I have lots to learn.  Words you don’t want to use (don’t is one of them).  I have to figure out a way to say “don’t” without using the word.. Good grief. 

This old dog is in for a ride I tell you. 

I just know that God is pushing me in this direction.  What else can I do, really.  I can’t walk any length, I can’t ride for long periods of time (without stopping and stretching), I really can’t sit for long periods of time.  With being at home and writing, I can move around or sit at my desk.  I will be able to take my daily nap without getting in trouble.  I really think this is perfect.

I keep saying God gives you what you need, when you need it.  Not always what you want.  This is just more proof.

So, you see…. You CAN teach an old Dog new tricks!  I’m living proof.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.  Please….


7 thoughts on “Do you think an old Dog can learn new tricks?

  1. Thank you all for all your support. I will have to “give” you all a signed copy of my first book.. haha

    I’m a starving new author. But I guess I can afford to do that for my fans..

    Thanks all of you,
    Love ya,

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