Where are my patience?

Is it just me or does everyone have days where everything just gets on your nerves?

I have this problem with waiting…waiting…waiting.  Why does it take places like Verizon, MVA, and even Wal-Mart to take so long to wait on customers?  I don’t understand it.  If customers have to wait almost 2 hours at Verizon, 1 1/2 hours at the MVA or a half hour in line at Wal-Mart then I think they need additional help.

We are in a recession people…Give someone a job.  All the people out there that need work???  Then you have other business with people just hanging around getting paid to do absolutely nothing. 

I know I’m just an everyday fool but even I can see that some things just don’t make much sense. 

Like the government.  They spend more money on task groups to do who knows what for who knows who and we may never know. 

I just wonder if I am the only one who has a problem with some of this kinda stuff… I know I’m just rambling but sometimes I just get frustrated beyond words. 

I guess I’m just old and don’t have any patience left in me… Or did I ever have any? 

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Where are my patience?

  1. I agree; those big box stores tend to leave the customer feeling like a number and they don’t have the resources to give the great service that mom ‘n pop shops used to give.

  2. Funny you put this on cause I went to Verizon Wireless yesterday at 10:30 am and left at 12:45! I was sooooo irritated. They were suppose to transfer my pics to new phone last week. It took them 2 hours and 15 minutes and several transfers to tell me they were going to have to order me a part and when it comes, just bring it in and they will try again! (another 2-3 hours probably) Meanwhile they had tech customers out the ying yang and at least 4 workers (who apparantly were assigned to Customer Service or sales) who were just sitting there doing nothing. I asked the manager why they couldn’t pick up the slack for tech support and his reply was “well they have other things to do like reports etc. They were not doing reports they were doing NOTHING. I got rid of Verizon DSL because you could not reach customer support or if you did they were in the Phillapines or India and I am ready to get rid of Verizon Wireless! All companies say they want to give good customer service and they all give lousy customer service!

  3. I couldn’t agree more.. My phone won’t hold charge so they gave me a new battery. A week later, same thing. I went back, they sent me a new phone (yesterday), no battery. I transferred everything myself (didn’t want to go back in there). And guess what???? Battery still not holding charge.. I have spent 5 or more hours in a week in Verizon. I don’t have time for that. My phone was purchased in March. Now, I will have to go back.. Ugg….

  4. It’s amazing…I have been in some aspect of customer service for 25 years, from inside sales over the phone to outside sales person having to go into customers stores and increase the business. I consider myself very good at what I do and get very frustrated at situations like you all described above.
    What makes all this worse is I have not had a job since January 16th, and can’t find anything and you have people who think they don’t have to be friendly or do their job they just expect to get paid.
    Tell me does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture…Or is it just me because I don’t have a job to go to…

  5. You are absolutely correct…It isn’t you… Pray for me because I have to go back in there with this “new” phone. Charged all last night. Now the battery is down to 2 bars. Now I know I use it a lot.. I have 65 text messages on it already this morning but come on…

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