I’m on a soap box, again…

Did any of you get the email I got about the ‘cash for clunkers’.  This email was explaining the cost our government was spending, the gas we would spend and the oil we would be saving.

The end result was, of course, we were spending more than saving.  Where does the president think all this money to cover these stimulas plans will be coming from? 

Why is it that when my husband and I were raising our two kids, house payments, car payments, groceries and utility bills that we had to get what we needed, not what we wanted, to make ends meet.  We also had to work 2 jobs sometimes to make it happen.  Granted, things didn’t cost what they do now but salarys weren’t as much either.  My boys didn’t get ‘designer’ clothes all the time or the certain shoes they wanted.  They also didn’t tell me what they were and weren’t going to wear.  It was what we could afford, unless someone gave it to them as a gift.

The younger generation thinks they can live above their means and when things go bad, someone will bail them out.  I don’t know where that thinking came from but it’s there.  No body put money away for our retirement but us.  No one saved our money for us but us.  I thought I taught mine better but society kept telling them it was okay to charge what they wanted.  Pay later… Well, later is here and now the jobs are taken away and no money coming in.  Now when they can’t pay for all these things they ‘charged’ the companies don’t care.  They won’t help now.  So, what is the answer? 

I have no earthly idea but I do know that future generations are going to have to get back to basics.  Our young kids need to learn to deal with disappointment.  They do not have to have the best of the best.  If they get teased, get over it.  They aren’t the only ones.  They need to learn to deal with Johnny having this widget and they don’t.  So?  That isn’t going to make you who you are or them who they are.

Family and God should be our most important ‘item’ we have and/or need.

Everything else….doesn’t matter in the long run.


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