Can you believe it’s October?

Sorry I haven’t been on here lately.  I can not believe how fast time flies.  My grandmother used to tell me years ago to stop wishing my life away and I didn’t understand.  She said that once you hit 21 time starts to fly.  Of course, at 21 back then, you were either married or living on your own anyway.

Now I’m over 50.  I really do not know where the last 25 years went.  I turn around twice and it’s Christmas, I turn around twice more and it’s summer.  I heard on the news today that there were only 87 more days of 2009.  It’s crazy.  It was just Christmas!  Of course, I can’t believe I’m wearing long pants and sweatshirts either.  Wasn’t it summer yesterday?

I can’t believe my children and grandchildren are as old as they are either.  I just do not know where the time goes.  I get up and get dressed and then it’s time to go to bed again.  I don’t know where the day goes, no wonder I can’t keep dates straight.  Maybe it’s just age but I don’t think I like it. 

Either I’m slowing down or things are moving too fast.  Maybe a little of both.  At least I’m hoping that’s the answer.

Well, hopefully it won’t be November before I get to post something else.  Pray for me… You know I can’t keep time straight!!!


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