Howdy Everyone

I just want to tell everybody hello.  I have been back to the doctor once again. I used to laugh when my grandmother had to keep a calendar for all the appointments.  Well guess what????  I’m there! 

The doc said my blood work looked like a 20 year old.  So I asked him, “Why then do I have so much wrong with me”.   He got tickled and said who knows!!  I said I’m just a weird duck.  He said naw.. Just have had so many surgeries, so many diseases, so many joint problems, etc.  He is such a wonderful doctor.  I can talk to him about anything and he really listens.

I told him that I knew the Lord put me here on earth to keep doctors on their toes.  He laughed and said I was definately doing my job… 

I still believe that any day I get up in the morning is a good day.  There are still so many people worse off than I am.  I can walk (not very long), I can see (well, sometimes not so well), I can cook (so long as it isn’t every day), I can still bathe myself (although help is good) and I can still drive ( just not very far).  It is all good thought.  I’m going to make the best of what I have.

You know, we can not worry about what we don’t have.  We all have to be thankful for what we have.  God, family, health.  These are important things.  Shelter is good, food is nice, clothing is very necessary.  If we believe and worship God, he will make sure one way or another we have what we NEED, when we NEED it.  Not what we want…

So, thank the good Lord you woke up this morning… Any day above ground is a good one.  Even tho heaven is my home, I am not homesick just yet!


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