Okay, so here is a new thought….

Can you all believe how fast time flies???  I woke up and realized Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas is just up the street.  I don’t know where the summer went.  Sometimes I think I take too many naps.

You would think with me home everyday, day in and day out that time would dragggggggggg on but you know it doesn’t.  I have so many appointments on a weekly basis. 

Now this book I am writing is keeping me busy.  There are always things we can do to occupy our time.  That is why I don’t understand anyone saying they are bored.  How, with so many things to do in this world can anyone be bored???  Children say it for something to say but adults?  Come on…

Why don’t people read anymore?  Come on women, knit, cross-stitich, even sew.  Read books, all kinds of books.  If you don’t have a job or stay home with the kids there is plenty to do.  Read the bible.  Do research.  Check out your geneology. 

We need to make a ‘bucket list’.  Let’s do all the things we would like to do before we die.  When I meet my maker I want to be able to tell him everything I did with the life he gave me.  We need to enjoy what we have.  Not worry about what we don’t have.  (I’ve said that before!) 

Let us not let the time get so far away from us that everything becomes a blur.  Enjoy life… we all have to get through trauma’s and that takes time.  Take as much time as you need, everyone is different.  But when the time is right, get back into the game. 

We have to make our own happiness.  Nobody can do that for us and if you wait for that, well, you are gonna miss out.


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