Say what you mean and mean what you say!

I have a few little issues today!  Haha, a few.  I crack myself up sometimes… I have issues all the time but they are usually just fun.

This time, I guess they are concerns.  We have a problem with this new generation, or it is like my mother used to say, “Just wait til you get old, the stuff kids do just won’t make sense to you…It does to them, but not you”.  Well, guess what… I am here. 

Why do the kids say things, then turn around and tell you that wasn’t what it meant?  The new “slang” is beyond my understanding.  Is there a class somewhere that I need to take?  They will tell you things, I would have lost teeth over and don’t understand why it upsets me.  In my growing up years, I would never say some of the things to my elders that these kids say.  My father would have knocked teeth out.  If I would have said I was going to call Social Services, he would have dialed the number and asked them where to meet them.  Then he probably would have busted my behind.  I never gave it a try.  I didn’t want to find out if he would ‘really’ do it.  I just knew to listen to what my parents said. 

As an adult, I still watched what I said around my parents.  Now, if the mood was a party, joking, acting silly or such, I would loosen up a little but you best believe if I said anything out of turn or anything my mother didn’t like, I heard about it later.  Then I knew I was in trouble.  This was when I was in my 30’s and early 40’s.  I’ve lost both my parents now and I tell you… I wish everyday I could hear one or the other of them tell me what I did wrong or right but I do know that the respect I had for them and still have for them will have me continue to carry on the values and morals they taught me.

My mother and father made sure we had fun as a family.  They gave us what we NEEDED, not always what we WANTED.  That isn’t to say we never got things we wanted, we did, but it was at Christmas or birthday.. Something like that.  Not every other day just because.  Now my grandparents might have spoiled us a little but my parents had a say in that as well.  We learned the value of a dollar and to respect the things we were given.  Of course, there weren’t as many “things” as there are now either. 

Oh well, guess I’m just at that “old” age now.  I’m sure my grandparents said the same things about my parents, and their parents before them.  I am also sure my kids will tell their children the same about their grandchildren. 

Funny how history repeats itself!  Just remember to mean what you say when talking to someone older than 50.  They won’t always understand what it is you are meaning or saying for that matter!


2 thoughts on “Say what you mean and mean what you say!

  1. Yeah when I was a know it all young Hippe, we believed no one over the age of 30 was to be trusted – they had no idea what was really goin’ down – lol. And when I was raising my kids they used to laugh at how corny I looked as a young man in my bell bottoms, platform shoes and tie-dyed T-shirt. Then lo and behold that fashion came back and THEY were wearing the same stuff!

    Sooner or later we figure out the cycles, right?

    The Old Silly

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