My gosh … It is November, already!

Can you believe it is already November?  I know I can’t.  Where did October go?  As far as that goes where did July, Aug, and September go?  I don’t work so you would think time would sit still.  Nope, not hardly.  Things are moving so fast I am afraid I am going to have to take some motion sickness medication!

December will be here before I move to far across the room and I haven’t even thought about Christmas.  I wonder if everyone would get upset if I just handed them a card with a couple dollars in it!  Who knows what people want anymore. 

Anyway, back to November… Hunting season is here.  All the men will be out in the woods.  Thanksgiving .  Well, what can I say about that?  We all try to slow down on our eating a week before in order to eat all the turkey and fixings on that one day.  I don’t know about the rest of you but since my sister and I will be doing the cooking for the whole family, I intend on having a glass of wine or two.  Maybe I won’t eat as much.  Then there you go, November will be over.

Well, I guess the old saying might be true, “Time flies when you are having fun”.  I am having fun.  Life is too short.  Gotta enjoy the time we have, even if it is flying by!



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