Has the country gone mad???

Will some one PLEASE explain to me what the heck is going on with this country???  What are all these plans Obama has for us?  What is this immigration stuff he’s proposing? 

Tell me WHY we as US citizens will have this “wonderful” health care system but the government employees will keep what they have?  If it’s good enough for us, isn’t it good enough for Congress, the Senate, the White House???  Come on.  Why are we all keeping quiet about this stuff??? 

What does this president really know about the Armed Forces?  He never served.  He doesn’t really understand what goes on.  None of us do, unless we have been there.  Don’t you think the men and women in charge know a little more about these things? 

Who are these people he is putting in Homeland Security positions?  I want to know these things.  I know we can’t always believe what we read on the internet so will someone tell me what is true and what isn’t? 

Curious minds want to know!!!  I think we just need to hear the truth.  Not a bunch of stories running around but the truth.  Now the next problem is … who is going to be the one to tell it!!!  Like I said, can’t believe some of the rumors on the internet or television for that matter. 

I guess they can do and say what they want in the government and we will have to be puppets on a string and do as we are told… All I can say is… I don’t like it.  I don’t want my family to work their tails off to try and support themselves and save for retirement (hahaha) someday only to have to pay for the ones who won’t help themself.  It’s a shame. 

Okay, I’ve said enough.  What do you think?  Am I just nuts or what????


5 thoughts on “Has the country gone mad???

  1. No you’re not nuts. Just more aware than the average slumbering American, meandering along as they are as if there’s nothing ontoward coming down the pike. Good rant – keep it up – we need more people to shout out all the crap that’s going down right under our naive noses.

    Do you send out email notices to your e-contacts lists when you post? Good idea, as long as you put a “please remove me from this list” option at the bottom – helps get your blog noticed when starting up.

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. I didn’t vote for the nut, Americans have slowly been relinquishing their rights, their democratic freedoms for years and until we start electing people who actually DO what the voting public want and not their own interests we will continue to lose any control. The average American has more power than they give themselves credit for, its just most of us want the easiest path, so Obama and others like him will continue to dictate what and what we are not going to do. Luv ya girl.

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