What a day!

Okay, I’m not going to fuss today!  HA… I always have something to say.

My husband says I don’t have time for this… I need to be working on my book.  Little does he know I do both.  When something gets on my mind, this is where I express it.  Sorry if I offend anyone, that certainly is not my intentions.

I have more mouth than 5 sets of teeth so therefore, I talk, talk, talk!

Okay, enough of that.  I think the weather is finally going to straighten out a little.  I can not believe all the water.  Roads are closed, I just learned that one family had their basement flooded to a point that when they opened the basement door, there was water.  Now the walls are caving in.  It is terrible.  Thank the good Lord we don’t have any of that at my house. 

For any of you going through the mess of having to clean up from the water, I am so sorry.  Good Luck to you.  Don’t forget to call your insurance agent.  Maybe, even without flood insurance, you can get some assistance.

Enough for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow!  (You know I will!!!!)


2 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. It certainly has been. Some people have lost their homes, their basements completely flooded then walls caved in. It really has been a mess. That goodness we didn’t have any of those issues.

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