I’m just a slacker!

It’s been a few days huh???  Sorry.  I know you all are just dying to hear me rant and rave about something. 

Today I’m just going to ask anyone and everyone one question.  Please tell me why we can send a man to the moon, discover there is water on the moon (who cares, I’m not going there to get it), figure out how to send space ships around the earth but we can NOT figure out how to help people in pain.

I have had 30 different surgeries in my life.  My husband says I will live forever!  But, I live in pain on a daily basis.  Oh, I have medications I have to take, which help but if I took all the ones prescribed … well, I think I would stay in bed forever!  I have been trying to ween myself off some of these meds but when I do, boy do I suffer.  They aren’t narcotics mind you.  Just pills for fibermyalgia, arthritis, ostoporosis, erosion in my stomach, high cholesterol, pacemaker – so I have to take meds if my heart rate goes to high, you name it, I think I take it or have taken it.  I know they work because of the way I feel if I don’t take them but the stomach issues are due to the other meds.

It’s a roller coaster and a half.  I take four different things for my stomach.  The meds for the bones and soft tissue are tearing the stomach up.  Some of the others may tear up my liver (so far it’s okay).

Oh well, now that I’ve spilled my guts to you all again, I’ll say goodby.

I’m trying to write another book.  It keeps my mind occupied, otherwise I’ll be sleeping!!!

Talk with you soon.


3 thoughts on “I’m just a slacker!

  1. Wish there was a way Terri, but you and I both know pain is different for everyone and what helps one just doesn’t help another. You have every right to rant and rave about your pain. Wish I had the magic pill for ya. I have much empathy for your situation and know it is a daily struggle. Know that you are very well loved girl.

    • Thanks Anne, It’s just been a bad couple of days. I’ll be okay after a while. I’ll have to suck it up as Morris says, haha. I have gone through this for many years now it just gets harder as I get older. Seems like more and more wants to go bad with my body but it will be fine. I’ll over it! Tomorrow is another day… hahaha

  2. Well all you can do is take it one day at a time. Just because your body tells you some days to rest does not in any means make you a slacker. Your body tells you these things because it knows what is best for you. Take the good days you have with pride enjoy them. When your body says rest well rest and don’t think twice about it. You should be resting now anyways, big days ahead of you (and everyone) you all have very BIG shoes to fill. So rest up while you can. Hope you feel better .. Love ya!

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