What a wonderful day!

Okay folks,

I am usually going on about something that drives me nuts. (It doesn’t take much anymore!)  But today, I just want to let everyone know just how blessed I am.

I have found more friends, people I haven’t talked to in years, here on the internet.  It can be such a great way to keep in touch.  Funny how in high school  you can’t live unless you have your best buddy right against your hip.  Then we go on to college or get married, raise a family, then loose touch with everyone who meant anything to us. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, realizing just how blessed I am for what I have or what but I have been thinking about people, places and things that I haven’t thought of in a long, long time. 

The health I have isn’t the greatest, but I wake up everyday.  The house I have isn’t a mansion, but it is the best home.  The children I have aren’t rocket scientist but they are the most loving, caring children anyone could ask for.  Plus they have given me beautiful grandchildren.  My husband may not be a billionare but he has more than any of them have.  Me!!!  haha, you know I had to throw that in!!!  He is the greatest.  He has stuck with me through 20+ surgeries, all the back issues, hip issues, heart issues…  so much more, I can’t even write that much.

I think too many people look at what they DON’T have instead of what they DO have.  God has a plan for all of us.  We don’t need to question it or worry about it.  We need to keep our faith, put him first and things will work out.  We get what we NEED when we NEED it, not when we WANT it.

Everyone needs to look up and thank their spiritual leader.  Mine happens to be the Lord God.  Let’s all take one day at a time, love who we are, and treat people the way we want to be treated.  (Learned that one when I was soooo little!)  We need to stick together in this time of everyone’s struggles.  Help your neighbor.  Play with your children, grandchildren and just BE THANKFUL.

Enough of this soap box… You know I had to do it!!!!  (smile)



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