Holidays, holidays …

My grandfather made up this poem and I think it is most appropriate for today:

The rain is falling to the ground … the grass is growing up … the chickens are running round and round … with their tails sticking up!

Anyway, thought I’d share that with you, but my real post today is about these holidays…

So many people get very stressed at this time of year.  We have to stop and smell the roses as they say.  Let us all remember what the holidays mean.  Thanksgiving…  A time of thanks.. Share a meal …  be with friends and family.  It doesn’t have to be a hugh turkey dinner if that isn’t your cup of tea or if you can not afford it.  Go to a shelter and help give meals to the homesless.  That always makes people feel better… to help others in need.

Christmas …  Now this is such a big stressor.  Can we all PLEASE remember, forget all the commericalizm.  Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I don’t mean the kids shouldn’t have something under the tree but for goodness sake, it doesn’t have to cost every penny you have.  Make it a special time to decorate the tree.  Make decorations with the kids.  Make it fun.  Who cares if the tree won’t win the best prize contest???  It should be all about spending time with family, being thankful for what we have.  Have the kids make a gift for their syblings.  Christmas morning it will mean so much more.  When you have an older child, have them help you with ideas for the smaller ones.  Have them make ornaments for the tree.  Get disposable cameras and have them take pictures and make a collage.


Remember to say, “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving”,   and “Merry Christmas”.

Talk to you all soon!




5 thoughts on “Holidays, holidays …

  1. I like your Grandfathers poem. My Grandfather had a little ditty he used to recite to us.

    Had a dog
    His name was Sam
    couldn’t eat biscuits
    but he could sure eat ham

    Giving back to others is my fav thing about the Holiday season. That’s what makes it feel like the Holidays, not presents or shopping. Its that warm feeling in your heart when you’ve done something nice for someone else, and knowing that you made their day a little brighter by showing them that there are people in the world that care.

    • Absolutely… I couldn’t agree more. We need to get everyone back into the habit of giving!
      I love your grandfather’s ditty also!!!

  2. I knew I would enjoy reading whats on your mind…sorry I finaly made time and I’m glad I did!

    Really enjoyed it..keep it up! You r special to me!

  3. Reminds me of sitting in Church in Bivalve one Sunday when Sophia was little, the preacher was preaching and she shouts out “amen brother ben, shot the rooster, killed the hen”

    We all get caught up in the frenzy and then wonder why it wasn’t as much fun as we were sure it was going to be – luv ya

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