Hey people, how are you?

Okay, I want to know if everyone made it through ‘Black Friday’!!!  I have never been shopping on that day.  I never wanted to fight the people.  A mad house!  Guess what???  I went with my sisters Friday afternoon!  We figured people would be sleeping since so many started out at 3 am.  (My niece went out at midnight!)

Anyway, it really wasn’t bad.  The only problem we had was we bought things for ourselves instead of Christmas shopping!  I have never bought myself so much at one time in my life.  I’m glad my husband is at the hunting camp for the week!  He won’t know what to think when he comes home and I’m wearing something beside sweat pants and t-shirts!  I am going to dress in real clothes!  I just hope he doesn’t expect it all the time! (wink, wink)

With me being home all the time, I don’t need to dress like I’m going to work!  Writing is so much work, it’s more fun when you are comfortable.  I am working on this November writing contest.  I need to write at least 8,000 words and I only have until midnight tomorrow!  Gotta get busy.  We had to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  It is my first time doing this but I’m almost there!

This has been the one of the best things for me.  I can put things off like you wouldn’t believe.  Actually, I have put this off somewhat.  However, with being sick, my sister coming in from AZ, and the holidays … well, it has been so much to do in just 30 days!  I haven’t given up.  I’m going to keep pushing, so … I’ve gotta go folks.  I’ll be back with more in a couple days!

Keep shopping for Christmas!  Well, shop for yourself if you can find the deal!



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