Oh, I’m so glad there is no stress in my life!!!! NOT

Can I vent today???  You see this time of year is stressful for EVERYONE, not just me but to tell you the truth, I’m only worried about me right now!!! (wink)

The holidays are always hard.  We want to give the kids everything they want.  They want to give their kids everything they want.  And the crap rolls on and on.  We have got to stop somewhere.  Every year we say NO MORE.  And every year it’s more.  With the cost of things going up and the income’s going down, the math just doesn’t add up.

Along with not really knowing what to get my grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters, sister-in-laws, mother-in-law, etc, etc, etc, my baby sister has no heat in her house.  She and her son are here with us right now.  Here it is Christmas and she has this to go through!  Thank goodness her 18 year old really doesn’t care.  This is his last year of school and he wants to go in the service.

My other sister has been here visiting from AZ.  Her husband and her flew back home this morning.  My children are in such need of help because of this economy.  And to top it all off…………………

All I want to do is finish my books!!!!!  The editor has sent me the first one back to correct.  It is a mess.  I really am grateful for him.  He made the book sound so much better!  I’ve sent him the second and I hope his eyes don’t fall out of his head!!!

Now my work is cut out for me.  I have to get the corrections made, send it back for a final review and then find a way to get it published!!!  That is going to be the trick.  I will work my behind off to do that.  I want this more than anything (except the health of my family!).

Okay, enough whinning for one morning!  I really need to get busy.  Lot’s to do!  (I don’t even have the first decoration out!)

Talk to you soon and have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “Oh, I’m so glad there is no stress in my life!!!! NOT

  1. I feel for you and I hear the loving you have for your family. It will work out and maybe you will have a post for us about how it all went and what you learned after you get through it?

  2. I miss you all so much!! – Life only gives out what we put in – I have missed out on so much by trying to give my girls what I think i “owe” them – this is a Christmas where it is going to be what family is all about because “I” am all I have to give to them and that will have to suffice – I love ya girll and hope that you have the best of holidays

  3. You are not whining Terri – it is kind of irritating to listen to those who don’t have kids , don’t understand – that we constantly try to do the best for those we love

  4. This year for us; there will be no material Christmas, no tree, no cookies, no wrappings, but Christmas will still come. It will still be the celebration of the birth of Christ. The day after Christmas will arrive, and all will suvive in spite of no material celebration. There’s always next year. Maybe doing without and not being caught up in the hustle and bustle of the commercial world will prove to be a more spiritual enjoyable Christmas after all.

    Happy Christmas to all!

    • You know what… we are not doing this year like we have every other year. It will much, much less given. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, as you have said. I really would like to see my grandchilden understand that. I would like to see them wrap something and give it to someone less fortunate. Problem is, with this economy, they are the less fortunate!!!
      I agree, everyone will survive. It will all be okay!
      Thanks for the post.

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