I’m on another soap box today!!!

Someone help me out here … Why is it everyone in the world’s business who Tiger Woods sleeps with or doesn’t sleep with???  Was it on National news that my mother-in-law had a stroke???  Everytime a man/woman have an affair, do we broadcast it over the television???(Although that is an idea!!! wink)

There are hungry children, women, and men out there.  There are people who have lost their jobs, homes, many even their parent or child.  There are children coming down with diseases everyday that may take their lives.  What about that news???

Don’t you think that we have heard enough about Tiger’s private life???  It was the same with the Clinton’s.  That was up to Hillary to handle, not the world.

Is Tiger Woods going to play golf differently because he had an affair?  Is it going to make a difference that he had a car accident? (Well, if he got hurt, hope not).  Is he going to have a different game because his mother-in-law got sick??? 

WHY?  WHY do we care???  Why is it our business?  I don’t want my life spread all over the news day in and day out.  I share what I want to share and nothing more.  If someone doesn’t care for me because of my mouth or because of my personality, so be it.  I used to be the type person that would do anything to make someone like me.  Not anymore.  It isn’t important.

We wonder why our children have so much trouble in school, worrying about he said/she said.  Well, let’s continue to do what we are doing and things will continue.  After all, our kids learn from us.  Teaching them well, aren’t we!!!!!

When I was growing up we, as children, had no idea about mortgage payments, car payments, electric bills, or what groceries cost.  Mom and Dad didn’t feel like that was our business.  They never raised their voices, to each other, in front of us.  All that was behind closed doors.  (Now, if we did something wrong, the voices would get raised!!!  The threat of a spanking was around the corner so we behaved!)  When we got old enough to understand and learn about money, things would be brought in but we didn’t worry that we were going to live on the streets.

Anyway, back to my original story… Please let people handle their personal business in private.  We all have opinions and that is fine, just don’t post it on the news every broadcast, every station.  I don’t really care.  I change the channel but guess what????  They are saying the same thing so …  I just turn it off!

Just my opinion and we all know what they say about that!!!!

Have a great day!

God Bless you…


2 thoughts on “I’m on another soap box today!!!

  1. I don’t really want to hear everyone’s business either, but I do think the difference is that when you are a celebrity of anykind (sports, tv, etc) and make outrageous amounts of money funded by the public your life is no longer “private” because you as a celebrity “sold” it to the public – just my opinion and they should be held to a higher standard of ethics because kids do look up to them – if ya want to do drugs, cheat on your spouse, etc become a regular blue-collar worker like the rest of us and nobody will care

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