Let’s just have health and happiness for Christmas….

You know, I got the best comment on my blog.  It is sooooo true.  Christmas will come and go.  Children and family members will survive, even if there are no gifts.  The greatest gift we can give our family is our love. 

God gave his only son for us.  Christmas should be what it really is, the celebration of the birth of Christ.  The commericalism (if that’s the right word!) has caused everyone to go completely nuts at this time of year.

We spend entirely too much money that we don’t really have for things people really don’t want!  What’s the purpose???  I would much rather have my family together, telling stories about years past and eating a good meal for Christmas.

If we don’t stop it now, the next generations will lose the meaning of Christmas completely.  If we let the government do like they want, our grandchildren won’t even understand who God is.  (What ever your religion is…mine just happens to be the Lord God.)

We give all year.  Why does Dec. 25 have to be a special day for presents????  It’s not special anymore like it was when I was a child.  My family went to Church Christmas eve and celebrated.  Christmas morning was one special gift and then mostly clothing that we needed.  It was the ONLY time of the year that we were given toys or presents.. (maybe birthday also).

Oh, well, I’m just thinking out loud.  Don’t want to offend anyone at all.  I’m as guilty as the next, giving tooooooooo much.  But I thought that’s what grandparents did!!  I’m still learning myself.

Merry Christmas to all,

Thank you so much for reading my crazy stuff!!! 

Love you all….


2 thoughts on “Let’s just have health and happiness for Christmas….

  1. I totally agree with you, and ya know, we can’t constantly keep worrying whether we offend someone or are “politically correct”. We have allowed our govt. to become so wishy washy that we are slowly losing all our American Culture, while allowing every other culture to take over and flourish. This is not to say I don’t think there should be heritage pride, whether Swedish, Indian, African, etc. But this is America and Americans have built their own traditions and that is what should be in the forefront. I think the Obamas are making a serious mistake taking Christianity out of the White House Christmas.

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