It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Oh if the rain/sleet would go away it would be beautiful around here!!!  We have about 5 inches of snow but now it wants to have the sleet/rain/snow mix.  I don’t like all that mess. 

PEOPLE … PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL.  DON’T GO OUT IF YOU DON’T HAVE TOO.  We certainly don’t want anyone in the hospital for Christmas.

The snow is wo pretty.  It is fun for the kids, they don’t see it much.  We may not like to have to turn up the heat but if you have a fireplace …  Oh I envy you… It would be so nice to sit by the fire, drinking some hot chocolate and having the kids singing…  So much fun. 

Parents, turn the tv off…  Play games with the kids …  Sit in the floor with them, get on their level … Have some hot chocolate and TALK.  You would be surprised at how those would be the memories the kids will have as adults.

I love you all … thanks for all the support … and please …



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