It is just about the end of 2009!

Can you all believe it will soon be 2010?  This year has really flown by for me.  It seems like it was yesterday and I was worring about Christmas and now that has come and gone.  All my children were very happy.  Funny how I worry for nothing!  Things always turn out okay.

Anyway, how many of you are going to make a resolution?  I make them all the time but never stick to it.  So this year I’m not going to make a resolution.  I know I can keep that one!!!

I do know that I have written two books and I am going to work on getting them published.  Then I would like to get at least two more published.  We will see.

On another subject, we had a terrible time around Salisbury this last week.  A little girl, 11 years old, was kidnapped from her home on Tuesday before Christmas and found, dead, and not in very good shape, on Christmas day.  This little girl had not even had time to live her life before a crazy, perverted, sexual preditor took her from her home and molested, killed and burned her body.  Please, please explain to me why it is okay to let this monster live?  He has been in jail numerous times for this very same thing, well, not the murder part.  If he ever sees the light of day again it will be too soon.  Our community is so out of sorts.  She lived down the street from me.  Her family knew this man.  If he claims insanity, well, we can all agree he certainly has to be insane to be able to do something like this but that shouldn’t be any reason he ever gets out of jail. 

So, how about if all of us agree to not worry about the small stuff.  Help and appreciate our children.  Help them grow and enjoy their lives.  And most of all lets all try to keep ALL of the children safe.  It doesn’t matter if they are yours or not.  Lets keep our eyes and ears open.  Pay attention.  You never know when it will save a life.


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