Let the count down begin……..

Okey dokey folks …

Here we go, only a few more days until 2009 is no more!!!  Let me see, today is … ahhh, oh yea, the 29th, so that means tomorrow is the 30th (my niece’s birthday, she says I never remember!!!) and then Thursday will be the 31st!  New Year’s Eve!!!!  So let’s face it, this is the last week for this year.  Can you believe it???

What is everyone planning for Thursday night???  Drinking, partying, celebrating???  PLEASE, PLEASE behave yourselves.  There are sweet innocent people out there that don’t deserve to be hurt because you decided to drink and drive!  Be responsible, please.  Just stay put.  If you are going to a friends house and party … stay there.  Have a slumber party.  Take your pillow and be prepared to spend the night.  Okay?  Okay… enough.

The older I get the harder it is for me to stay awake and see the new year come in!  Remember as a child you had a fit so Mom and Dad would let you stay up, and you never could!  Well, it’s funny how the years come back.  I got old enough to stay awake, and I did.  Now I’m older, my children are grown, my grand children are the ones wanting to be allowed to stay awake and all I want to do is go to sleep!!  Oh well.

So if I don’t talk with you before, have a Happy New Year!  Be safe and I’ll try to stay awake, who knows … maybe one of the grandchildren will keep me up!!!  Together we may see the countdown … 10, 9,  8, 7, 6 …


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