Just another day …

Well kids,  not much going on today.  I am sooooo lazy!  I really need to get motivated.  There are plenty of things I could be doing!  (cleaning, laundry, writing, etc)  I really just don’t feel like it.  Ever have those days????

  I have periods of feeling sorry for myself!  Don’t we all???  It really is okay, so long as we get over them!  I do.  I am really MAD at myself because I have cheated on my NOT smoking.  I need and want to quit but for some reason those stupid little things call me!  “Come have just one, come on,  just one!”  haha 

When some of us try to quit, it’s like an alcoholic.  You cannot have just one.  It doesn’t work that way.  Now I do know people who might smoke a cig when in a social crowd and never pick another one up.  NOT ME.  I just can’t do it.  I know that but I will still try it.  I must be crazy or stupid or both.  LOL

Anyway.  I’ll stop.  I have to.  My hubby quit a year ago.  He is doing great.  He signed me up for this program thru his work.  They are really nice and it helps to have support.  The thing that really gets me is that I don’t smoke when he is home.  I don’t even want to smoke.  Why then, when I am here by myself do I feel the need to light one up????  Anybody?

Oh well, keep me in your thoughts.  Help me out here!!!!

Talk with ya all soon.  It will be better tomorrow!!!!


6 thoughts on “Just another day …

  1. Wel my love, we are all in the same boat here. I wonder why in the heck we are spending money that we do not have on these damn things…….not only that, Ryan has begged us to quit. It breaks my heart that I choose these nasty cigarettes over money, health and my son. UGH!!! One of these days we will all be able to do it. I love you!!!

    • Thanks,
      I know it is such a nast habit I am NOT going to smoke another one. I’ve got the patch back on (sore skin and all). I’ve ordered the ez quit cigs. I can use them with the patch!

  2. It has been 3 years for me and I still have cravings all the time, espcially when I am alone and like you start feeling sorry for myself. I am glad I did quit could not afford to buy them. The sad part is that since I quit I feel like I have gone to pot, breathing wise I feel a lot better, but right after I quit I was diagnosed with Tyroid disease, and know with fybermyalgia. I guess that’s better then cancer, but with even that being said you should quit and if you need someone to talk to just give me a call. We still need to get to gether to caught up. It’s been way to long.

    • Thank you so much Laurie. I have fibroymalgia, it isn’t pleasant. Now all the soft tissue in my joints is going crazy! Had the hip fixed now the shoulder has to be done.

      The problem is, the more I hurt, the more I smoke. I have the patch back on and I vowel not to smoke again!!! LOL

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