Okay … help me out here …

I keep getting these emails telling me how Obama is NOT a US citizen.  Then I get one that says he has dual citizenship.  Will someone please tell me how these documents get posted all over the internet but nothing is done about any of them.  Are they real???  If so, how in the world did an Islāmic get to be president?  Are we that gullible that we just decided to change the world a little and have an African-American president?

Now I don’t want to start a huff, I don’t care if the president is green, purple or orange.  I don’t care if it is a woman or man.  I just want OUR best interest at heart.  I wonder if that is the case with this president.  I am not very smart when it comes to politics but I do know that you have to be US born to be the president of the United States.  I don’t want the job, believe me, but I would like the person in charge to be concerned with us!

If anyone has these answers please let me know!

Talk with ya soon.


One thought on “Okay … help me out here …

  1. Really, best not to pass any information, even obliquely on the Web or elsewhere unless we know it to be true. Check Snopes.com to get to the root of some things. Remember the Swift Boat stuff in one of the last political campaigns. That all turned out to be twisted stuff. Most of this kind of information is not intended to elucidate. It’s intened to deceive.

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