Anyone got sunscreen???

It’s a joke kids … just a joke.  I’m telling you the second Ark is being built in my back yard.  You know we really shouldn’t make fun.  It was needed once before, why would we think it couldn’t be needed again?

If we look in books we learn that history does repeat itself.  Many predict the end of time.  I say, it will be what it will be.  But land knows I am sick and tired of this rain.  It could be snow though!  The kids would love that.  I forget just how much the conversion is but I can tell you that in the 24 years we have lived in this house, this is the first year we have had so much water.  We never have ponding in our yard.  Never.  Until this year. 

This weather isn’t fit for ducks!  They are probably all hiding.  LOL  Anyway, my whole point to this is …………  I only have 5 more days to put up with it!!!!!!!  I’m leaving on Saturday for a week’s vacation in Mexico.  (Believe it or not the weather there calls for rain Sun, Mon and Tues).  It doesn’t matter, at least I will be in the warm weather.  Maybe that will help all the aching joints.  I’m hoping.

So, since I couldn’t come up with anything clever today, I thought we would discuss the weather!  Hahahaha

Have a wonderful, blessed day.


One thought on “Anyone got sunscreen???

  1. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!! Sit on the beach (hopefully no rain) and let your joints soak in the warm sunshine! Love ya.

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