We finally got back in Maryland!

Well folks, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve visited ya!  I have been on vacation in Mexico!  It was soooo nice.  We had to stay an extra 2 days ( awwwww), yeah, that’s what we said.  Then when we finally did get a flight to Philly, the flight to BWI was cancelled.  The travel agent said we still should take the flight because she didn’t know when we would be able to leave Mexico otherwise. 

OMG, we left Mexico in 88 degrees, got to Philly in 27 degrees.  Then we had to rent a car and drive to Baltimore.  We dug our vehicles out of the snow, took the rental car back to the airport and drove the 2 1/2 hours back home.  We were exhausted but got home safe and sound. 

My hubby got to play in the ocean one day and then in the snow the next!  He was a happy camper.  I started getting sick while still in Mexico.  Sore throat, fever, cough.  (Hubby says I get sick every time we have to come home!).  I am some better today but still not 100%.  It will all be okay in a few days.

Now, I want to know if everyone is ready for Valentine’s Day???  We decided our trip was our gift to each other.  I don’t do cards, too much money to throw away.  We are more interested in the race on Sunday.  Yeah, Nascar!!!  (hahaha, wink, wink, I could care less!)

So, now I’m back and raring to go.  I’ll keep in touch a little better, I know you want to hear from me!!!

Talk with you soon.


3 thoughts on “We finally got back in Maryland!

  1. nice pics – glad you got away and had some fun – it tends to amuse us here in the midwest how troublesome the snow is for you guys – nothing shuts down here for 12+ inches – everything shuts down there – your road crews need to come up here for some tips – love ya

    • Haha! We aren’t use to this stuff. We don’t have the personel, equipment or supplies to handle so much snow. We don’t even have places to put it!!!
      It has been pretty though. Hopefully it will be gone before summer!

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