Not much to say today???

Let me see … I really haven’t had much to say here lately. (Now that’s scary, lol) 

As everyone knows, I’m pretty much an accident waiting to happen.  I am forever having something go wrong.  This past week my son was in the hospital with complications from a surgery to FIX his toe.  He’s home now and doing pretty good. (Thanks for all the prayers.) 

Now, I have to have yet another surgery.  This time on my shoulder.  My right one at that.  You all know I’m so right handed!!!!!  I will be in a sling for six weeks so it looks like I will be “plucking” with one hand for a while.  I’m sure I will figure out a way to use my hand without moving my shoulder.  You would be surprised at how much you move your entire arm to type.  haha

Oh well, it will all be okay.  Just that this makes 31 surgeries, I think.  I’ve kinda lost track!

I will keep everyone posted as to when the surgery will be.  Keep me in your prayers.



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