Okay, I’m asking for help here!!!

I am trying to find sponsors for my grandchildren.  All three of them race go-karts!  The oldest (12) is in his sixth year of racing.  The middle one is nine and will be racing for his fourth year and the baby is going to be five and this will be her first year racing.

Our home track is Delmar, De.  They race on Friday nights (love to have you come out). 

Ryan, the oldest won 2 (two) championships last year.  Junior II lite and Junior II heavy.  Tyler, came in fifth and sixth in Junior I lit and Junior I heavy.  Now we have the youngest, Abby, will be running in the PeeWee division!  She is so excited.

I will be making shirts, hats and other things with the kids on it.

We can put advertising on the karts as well as the trailer.  Many, many people see them.  Most of the racing teams use products from the advertisers.  This is a $60,000,000 dollar a year industry.

Please, help us out.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  It costs thousands of dollars to keep these kids in this sport.  (We tell them they are spending their parents inheritance!) hehehe

You can get up with me here or call me at 410-430-4241.  Leave me a message at Tdryden1@comcast.net if you want.  I will be glad to answer any questions!

Thanks so much everyone.  Love to hear from you.


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