Temporarily Thursday …

Sorry I’ve been slacking kids.  It has been such a trip the last few days.  I have been working my behind off trying to exercise and get this body back into some kind of shape.   (instead of round! haha) 

My sister has bought a program for the gaming station we have and I am really trying.  (I’m also becoming, we just don’t know what yet! hehehe)  I do know that it is working.  I have been able to cut back on my pain medication.  I am trying NOT to take any of the narcotic.  So far, I’m making it.  I still have pain but I’m trying to deal with it.  I am trying to work my shoulder so that the recovery from my surgery will go easier. 

I realize I will not be able to “work” a full-time job again.  I take too many medications and have so many issues but … I am feeling better.  I have my days, I’m just dealing with them differently. 

The “Old Silly’s” post is really good today, talking about Murphy’s Law.  He has a different outlook.  I really lie it.

Anyway, Spring is almost here.  The weather is looking soooo much better (remember this in July!!!).  We all need to get outside and enjoy the day.  After all, it will be Friday before you know it. (wink, wink)


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