Wacky Wednesday…

Here we are again…the middle of the week.  I just can’t get over how the weeks just fly by.  I’m gonna get run over if I don’t get with it.

I think I’m gonna change up a little.  I’m gonna try to write a mystery.  My manuscript, “Finally Waking Up” is with the publisher.  If they accept the book, give me a contract, then I will write the sequel.  In the mean time I’m gonna start another manuscript.

Now, the next question is, what should it be about??? Hmmmm.  I have lots of thinking to do today.  I don’t want it to be something scary.  I’m not fond of that sorta stuff.  I think I need a little humor, I like that.  I also think it should be something anyone could read but more geared toward older adults.

So, what do you all think???  Give me some ideas, would ya?  That means you have to leave me a comment!!!! hehehe

Come on…talk to me!  I promise, I’ll do better with keeping up with the blog!

Talk with ya soon…



2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday…

  1. Congrats on having your manuscript with a publisher….
    Ideas for writing? what should your next novel be? find a first line and begin and see where it will lead you…
    I read your entry on museonline and followed your link over here…
    Blessings, Ann 😮 )

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