Fantastic Friday!!!

Here I am and it’s Friday already.  Can you all believe it?? I was just saying that I was about to have surgery, now it’s been a week since I had it!  Time flies when you are having fun!

Anyway, I really want to continue with the rant from yesterday!

Please tell me, how in the world people are supposed to get jobs when the company you apply for checks your credit and doesn’t give you the job because you have been late on payments??? DUH.. Why in the world would someone be looking for a job if they didn’t need it???? With this economy, most everyone has gotten behind on their payments, unless they really had a great income to begin with!!!

Most people that lost their jobs were living to the top of their means anyway.  Some only had one person working in the household… now what do you think happened to the bills if that person lost their job????

What about the elderly????  Their SSI didn’t go up because the cost of everything else did.  If they lost a spouse and that income…well, let’s just say, they are screwed too.  Some of them my be lucky enough to have children with money who can help them out.

What about the young couples, the ones with small children, just starting out????  They have rent, car payments, baby sitters, etc.  Kinda hard for them to manage without an income.  Food stamps and help with electric is wonderful but when they go to apply for a job, you best believe they are going to have a late payment or two. 

Does that make them a risk??? Come on…  It would be different if they hadn’t worked in years, because they didn’t want to but just because they lost their job 5 months ago and have used up their reserve?  That doesn’t make them a bad person or a “risk”!

Oh well, it’s just my opinion.  I just really think it stinks.  If someone applies for a job, is totally qualified but has late payments on their medical or had to file bankrupty?  Doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the job…


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