Oh yea!! It’s Monday, again!

The beginning of the work week.  I know not many are thrilled to have to go to work but there really are people who enjoy their jobs.  There are also those of us who wish we could work but physical things keep us from doing it.

That goes back to a blog I posted about taking responsibility for your own actions and future.  Remember, there is no right or wrong, if you learn from it!  Mistakes are there to make us learn a lesson.  It would be a pretty dull world if everything everybody did was the “right” thing to do.  Now, I’m not talking about doing illegal things, no, that’s not cool at any age.  I’m talking about, lets say, going to college or in the service.  Going on vacation to the islands or somewhere in the United States.  Dating your best friend or leaving him/her for someone else.  You know, that kinda stuff. 

Each of these decisions directly effect your future.  Who knows what would happen if you chose the other path???  Many people pray.  They look to their “higher power” to help them decide.  I have said for many years that God gives us choices, he wants us to be independent but he will be there for us always.  He will help you, if you ask.

So, lets be thankful for Monday. Lets be thankful that we do have choices and that we woke up this morning, able to make them!


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