Thankfully Thursday

Another work week almost over!  Time is flying by and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done.  I have been slowed down some because of this shoulder surgery but I’m still trying to keep on going!

The weather hasn’t been all that great the last couple of days and my husband swears it’s because we are supposed to go camping with some friends!!!  (He hates to camp!)  I love to go for the weekend.  It used to be I went with my family in tents…then small pop-ups…then little travel trailers…now…motohomes!!!!  You can tell we are getting older!  We like all the comforts of home!

I feel like any time away from home, the tv’s and news, the phones, etc. is a great time.  You know I will still have my computer!!!  Can’t get away from that.  I have become addicted to the laptop.  I almost get a panic attack if I haven’t been online for a few hours!  Now that is bad. 

People used to swear the television was going to be the death of children playing and families talking and doing things together but it wasn’t.  Now it’s the phones (texting) and the computer (IMing and emails).  Who knows what it will be when my grandchildren get to be adults??? 

That’s why camping…well…it has to be the best.  Back to nature.  I keep trying to get my children to take their kids.  Inexpensive entertainment.  Let’s you do things as a family.

Don’t you think it’s time we got back to that???


3 thoughts on “Thankfully Thursday

  1. Yes camping is great. I like it because it lets me get away from everything. Phones, computers, and TV. It’s more quality time with the family with no interuptions. I think everyone should camp a few weekends a year.

  2. Yes, camping is great. You do need to go in tents every once in a while but I know what you mean. I myself love my 32 foot travel trailer. Friends of mine said that’s not camping, but it’s just camping with style. LOL

    • haha, Morris said his idea of camping is broken airconditioning in the condo!!! I do love to camp tho! Thanks for the comment.

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