It is Magical Monday once again!

Just letting everyone know that I am really slacking with my blog.  Sorry!  I am trying to write another book.  I have one manuscript with an editor and one with a publisher.  This third one is going to be so much different.  I really don’t know how I come up with some of my ideas.  The just “pop” in my head. (wink, wink) 

Writing can be stress relieving.  Like with writing, you can disappear in a book.  Writing takes you places you have never been or would like to go to.  It isn’t an easy thing to do but I am enjoying the process.  I am learning so much thru the editing process, classes online, and just other writers.  It is wonderful.

I may never become a well known writer, I may never get rich, I may never even get published but I am having a great time.

Thanks to all for keeping up with me!


2 thoughts on “It is Magical Monday once again!

  1. Just keep the faith, remember the glass is always half full. I have a friend that have a idea about two stuff animals that gave bible verse, about Daniel and loin den and jona the whale, she wrote through Avon, they help design them and then toy pick up after Avon, she used make stuff animal for grandkids, then became real, so you are going be a great writer, when first copy hit the street, sign your book for me, that is what dreams are made for

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