Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!


I went to the doctor for my check up on my shoulder…He says I’m doing do much with it!  I am not supposed to do half of what I’ve been doing!  Supposed that’s why I have so much pain???  I also now have another way to monitor the weather!  Besides the back, hips and knees, I now have the shoulder.  Along with all that, I think my neck is screwing up again.  I’ve got numbness in my thumb and first finger!  What else???

Other than all that I’m doing pretty good.  I am working on another book.  Haven’t heard from the second one but hopefully that won’t be too far away.  This next one is really going great.  I am so excited.

Okay, enough about me.  I have to let everyone know about one of the best books I have read in a long time…

“ON BUTTERFLY FAITH” OMG.  I tell you folks, this is a wonderful book.  Please have your tissues ready.  It will restore your faith.  It is so good, words just can’t describe it.  I’m telling you, I see a movie in this one.  Hallmark, you really need to look at this one!

I really can not describe the great work Katrina Wampler did with this one.  She is an inspirational writer, getting ready to do speaking engagements.  Anyone, and everyone, really…this is a must read!  Check it out.  She is on Facebook   Her book can be purchased through  You won’t be sorry!


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