Saturday! Yeah!!!

For many of you Saturday is a day to work in the yard, fix the car, plant the flowers, fix the pool, yada, yada, yada.  Well, that’s wonderful but remember to do these things as you feel like it.  If you want to rest most of the morning, do it.  If you want to get it all done in the morning, do that.  Just remember to not let it rule your life.  Your family needs your attention as much as these tasks… Probably more!

Many families now a day can’t afford to go on vacation.  It’s expensive and the economy isn’t the greatest.  Many have lost jobs and can’t afford to pay the bills.  But guess what?????  It doesn’t cost a penny to go for a walk, go to the park or zoo, play in the yard with the kids or animals.  RELAX. 

Life is entirely too short for you to waste it worrying about things you can’t control.  Believe.  Keep your faith.  Things will work out if you just continue to plug away but don’t forget the most important things….your family!

Have a great day everyone….

Oh, don’t forget that this is just my opinion.  It isn’t some scientific study!!!  Just me blogging…


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