It’s Thursday…yeah!!!

One more day closer to the beginning of the weekend!  For all of you that have to leave the home to work, I know you are excited!

I’m excited because my nephew graduates tonight!  He is the last grandchild to complete high school.  If my mother and father were still with us they would be sooooo proud.  He was my mother’s eye balls.  Being the youngest and all.

My sister is happy and sad.  This is her baby.  The last child to leave the nest.  She is excited for him and sad for herself.  He has decided he is going into the service.  Sis was in the Navy, his dad was also.  My father and brother were in the Army.  I went into the Air Force (didn’t last but I tried!). 

Russ is a great young man (little scatter brained sometimes) and will do something with his life.  He feels there are no jobs out here and he can further his education by joining the Marines.  He wants to serve his country.  I think that is very commendable. 

I am very proud of all the young men and women completing this first leg in their future.  It’s tough out there in the real world.  Hard for everyone.  I’m glad for those whose want to serve our country and I’m also proud of those who are continuing with their education.

Congratulations to the classes of 2010!

Keep up the good work.  Don’t stop now!


5 thoughts on “It’s Thursday…yeah!!!

  1. Hi Terri

    Congratulations to your nephew! And to you, of course. My eldest (he’s thirty! so hard to believe) convocated yesterday, receiving his Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine. He is an equine surgeon. Hard to come to grips with the fact that they are all grown up now.

    Your family must be so proud of the record of service to your country. Prayers for all of you.


    • My youngest son is 31. My sister said she felt old. I told her to wait until Russ was my son’s age!!

      Thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment. I appreciate it greatly.

  2. A happy Thursday to you too, Terri! And congratulations to your nephew and to you. That is a huge milestone to celebrate! It’s neat he has a heart to serve in the Marines. My son just graduated from preschool, so he’s got a ways to go…

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