Saturday, how fast time flies!

I want to share with you some things I have found.

When you are NICE about asking some questions, you do get results, and answers.  Let me explain…I have been upset with our local news station here lately.  We have many, many young people entering the world.  Graduation has been such a wonderful milestone for these kids.  Our local news station has not mentioned one word about them.  The college graduates get recognition but not the local high school children, should I say, young adults.  Anyway, I asked the question, WHY?

The explanation I got was there were too many graduations and not enough reporters (basically).  Anyway, I posted pictures of my nephew’s graduation on FaceBook.  I am hoping many others will do the same. 

Jennifer Walker, from WBOC, has agreed to try to do a segment tonight on the news and show some of the pictures.  I am so grateful.  These people need to be recognized.  Some of them will be going into the service, some will be heading off to college, some straight to careers.  These are the same people who will be taking care of us in our later years! 

Come on with me and say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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