Another week! And it’s Tuesday!

Well, so much for trying to write everyday… I missed a couple.  Sorrrrrry!  My nephew used to say when he was just learning to talk, “Soooory don’t cut it!”  (wink, wink)  Anyway, I’m here now.

I need to get a stick of dynamite under my behind here lately.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.  Don’t know what it is, just blaaaaa.  I know I’ve been in more pain lately both physical and mental but that’s no excuse.  Writing is a good tool to help you get OUT of that. 

Even if you keep a journal.  Writing helps release the feelings you just can’t spit out in words.  Whenever I have a very difficult decision to make, I write the “Pros” and “Cons” list.  Put it away and go back later to read it.  It’s better than flipping a coin!

Some people don’t like to write, so, my suggestion would be to draw, doodle, something.  It keeps the brain going but allows us to express ourselves without blowing a fuse.  (Sometimes I have to do that too!) 

Then, maybe because I’m female???, I like to just cry.  After a good cry, I’m exhausted.  Then I can get the sleep that I have been so deprived of.  Who knows… may not be the  thing to do but it helps me.  Seems like I have certain times of the year when I just need to feel sorry for myself.  I have my cake, balloons, good cry and get over it.  I don’t always WANT to get over it but you know what…life goes on.  I can choose to stand still and hide in a closet or move with it.  Sometimes, it is just better to pick up my behind, and move on with it! 

So, now that I’ve had my last few days of “woooo is me”, it’s time to get going again!  Don’t get mad at yourselves when you have those moments, days, weeks, whatever, the point is, you have to get back in the game or get run over.  We can’t make things better by giving up.(Even if that seems like the easier thing to do)  I know, I know, easy for me to say, right?  Well, I’m sure there are those of you who have had it worse than me, but there are also those who haven’t. 

So, let’s help each other, pull on our boots and march thru the hard times and skip thru the easy!

Have a great day everyone, I’m going to make mine a good one!!!


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