Again, I am Thankfully it’s Thursday!

I have had a rough few weeks but today is looking somewhat better.  I have been awarded the Trendy Blog Award!!!

My friend, Jinnia Low nominated me!  Thanks Jinnia.  It is nice to know that people like my blog.  I feel it helps me out to vent and I hope sometimes my “tidbits” help others.

I would like to have all of you follow Jinnia Low. com  her blog is wonderful.

The catch to accepting the Trendy Blog Award:

  • To receive this award, promise to share this with 5 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.
  • Post about your award in your blog.
  • List your Top 5 Trendy Blogs.
  • Share with them.
  • Leave a link to the Trendy Blog button.
  • Tell them they need to give this award out to 5 as well.
  • I am passing this award on to:

    Jinnia at

    Katrina at

    Marvin at The Old Silly’s Free

    Nancy at

    Karen at Boston

    Thank you again Jinnia!


    3 thoughts on “Again, I am Thankfully it’s Thursday!

    1. Aww…thanks, Terri! Thanks for your friendship and kind words. I enjoy your blog! You have a rare, refreshing way of expressing yourself. You’re able to talk candidly about realities of life and still embed in there the hope. It’s very real, and that’s what I love about reading your blog!

      Thanks for passing on the award! I’ll be visiting their sites and getting to know them too 🙂

      Here’s the graphic for your Trendy Blog Award! You can post it up on your sidebar. If you need help with this, let me know.

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