Saturday, and I am home!!!

Hello everyone.  How have you been???  Miss Me?  hahaha

I want to let you all know that I had the best time with my grandchildren and mother-in-law.  The kids were great going down to Disney!  I am really surprised they didn’t fuss or ask, “How much longer” anymore than they did.  Well, they actually didn’t do any of that going.  My 12 year old grandson, Ryan was such a big help.  He had to lift the 5 year old over the seat for me (since we packed her in!).  Abby didn’t care.  She was really good.  Tyler, the 10 year old, was also such a big help.  Poor thing, he and Ryan toted suitcases and bags everywhere!  They never once complained.  Of course, Abby, well, she always wants to be the biggest help.  She really does do more than her part.

We were able to visit both water parks, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, downtown disney, and Disney Studios while we were there.  We got there Monday night about 7pm and left Thurday about 3pm.  So, for no more time than we had, I think we did pretty good. 

Now, all that said…I will never do that again!  I can’t.  I have been in bed since we got home.  We everyone said it was alot of walking I didn’t know they meant THAT much.  I can’t do it.  Mom and I had to stop so many times, I’m proud of the kids, they didn’t fuss about us at all.  But, all in all it was a good trip.  I will probably be in bed most of the week, on strong meds, just to be able to function.  I thought I had pain before!  Ha, NOT.  Now I know more pain then should ever be allowed however, it is all worth it!  I’m glad I took them.  To see their faces, well, that said it all.

I have posted some pictures on FaceBook if you would like to see.  I was so busy, I forgot to take pictures everywhere.

Thanks for reading….  See you again soon!


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