Monday, Monday!!!

Another weekend, gone…Another week, gone…time is flying by.  We were fussing not long ago about the cold, now were (well, I ) am fussing about the heat!!  It will be winter again before you know it.  A friend and I were talking yesterday and I said that it had only been last year when her son talked to her about some things.  She told me that it was 5 years ago!  Now you know.  I can’t keep a thing straight.

Anyway, what I wanted to say today is that I need everyone to say a short prayer for me.  I go back (yet again) to the doctor about this darn shoulder and arm.  Having a hard time with it since surgery.  I think I’ve tore something in there.  Of course, he is going to give me the devil because I was doing too much too soon with this arm.  It felt pretty good after surgery, much better than before.  Plus, it’s my right arm…I’m right handed.  It is very hard NOT to use your dominate arm.  I would forget and lift something or turn something or move a certain way.  Oh well, it is what it is.  All I know is right now it is killing me.  I have more pain than I did prior to having it fixed!!!  Doc is going to have a fit with me. 

Now, here is the other problem with me…It seems I always have to have everything done twice.  I had to have 2 neck surgeries, 2 back, 2 hip.  So now it’s gonna be 2 shoulder.  Thank goodness I can’t have 2 pacemakers!!!  I better shut up, he could tell me he has to put in a defibrillator in!!!  At least you only have one gallbladder, one appendix, one set of female organs!  (Yes, had all that removed).  I told the doctor the last time he went into my belly to take everything I didn’t have to have or I would be back.   He just laughed.  When I had to go back I asked him if it was still funny!  “I told you I’d be back if you didn’t take it out the first time,” I said.  He told me he had never seen anything like it before.  I told him nobody else had either!

Anyway, keep all the fingers and toes crossed for me!  I’ll keep ya posted….


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