Tuesday, oh what a day!

Well, if you are able to read this, it’s a good day!  I don’t know about the rest of you but I have a time remembering that I have to be thankful for everyday.  After all, it’s a “present”. 

I had to go back to the doctor yesterday about this darn shoulder.  I had surgery on the 9th of April.  Everything was going great and then about 3 weeks ago, I reached in the back of my car to get my purse and heard a loud “pop”.  Since then I have been struggling with this pain in my arm and shoulder.  The doctor did a xray but of course that just shows bones.  Now I will have another arthrogram to look at the soft tissue.  I am hoping and praying I haven’t tore things up too awful bad.  I was in tears, literally, and so much pain.  He is going to give me an injection of pain medication on Thursday to see if that will help.  The oral medication I take hasn’t been doing very well and it is the strongest you can get.  If I take the whole dose, I am no good.  Just lay around.

Now, with all that said, I was so down and so tired of all the pain and surgeries, I was having my pity party for myself.  I have forgotten to realize just how lucky I have it.  I can walk (sometimes!), I can communicate (if not on drugs), I can enjoy my grandchildren and children (if I have my medication!), and I can talk with all of you here (if I don’t take the medication), did I repeat myself????  See it’s that CRS (can’t remember shi*t).  I have that too, you know! 

Anyway, I have to try to be happy for everyday.  Happy that I woke up this morning.  Happy to have family and friends!

Thanks to all of you.  You are the best!!!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday, oh what a day!

    • Thanks Deb, I’m going to go into today with a positive attitude…I’ll see how that works for me!!!
      I appreciate your comment!

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