Friday, again!

Today I am going to try to make it a wonderful day.  I am going to try to keep myself awake!!!  The doctor said I have not torn anything in my shoulder (I keep telling them it’s my arm!) but anyway, since I can’t seem to get any answers, I am going to push on.  Being a nurse, I understand the frustration of patients when they KNOW something isn’t right but nobody can find the answer.

Okay, enough said.  (Still send suggestions, if you have any!!!)

I want to challenge everyone today to do something nice for someone else today.  Tell someone how nice they look, open a door for someone, help someone carry their packages, sit and listen to someone elses problems.  Anything.  It would be nice if we could all think of someone besides ourselves.  Believe you me, it really makes a difference.  I have experienced it, first hand!!!

What do you think?  Can we do it?  Can you imagine the smiles and cheerful folks we would have all around us?  I don’t know about anybody else but the heat, family matters, financial stuff, and other personal things can make me grumpy.  Come on, let’s make someone elses day! 

Have a good day, yes, I’m giving everyone another job!!! hehehehe


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