Suddenly Sunday!

What a wonderful day.  I woke up!  I thank the Lord everyday.  It is beautiful here so far this morning.  I hope the humidiy stays away.  Phewwwww.  I don’t do heat very well, even with the pool.


Are we in the news every time we get a ticket?  Are the everyday people divorce published???? How about adoption?   Is it posted every time a person adopts a child???  I realize the biggest problem is we, the public, watch it.  It makes headlines because the ratings go up.  Crazy.  Why can’t we start watching GOOD things?  Let’s make public the things everyday people do for the good. 

We, as Americans, need to start doing GOOD.  Let’s take our planet back.  Let’s stop watching all the bad, try to help the ones HERE in the United States that need help. 

I have a friend who is on disability, can’t afford to pay attention much less bills and is getting ready to have her things placed on the street by the sheriff’s department.  She will have to go to a shelter.  I have already taken someone in, so I don’t have anymore room.  (My husband said that the “Dew Drop In” sign is OFF!).  I don’t know sometimes why he puts up with me!  I try to help where I can. 

Really, folks…why is all the money spent to “advertise” the ‘celebrities’ and their problems?  Let’s have that money to help those here that really need help.  With the unemployment being cut off, the homeless not able to even get into shelters, NO jobs seem to be available…  I bet our government officials aren’t losing sleep. I bet they aren’t out there helping feed or shelter the homeless, and you can rest assured they aren’t giving up their pay.  Many State employees are having to take pay cuts!

I think this should be the news. I don’t want to hear about Lindsey or Mel. I don’t care.  I want to hear about more shelters being built.  More homes being built.  More jobs created.  Less taxes and more help for those who really need it.

How about this…all the fines that the celebrities have to pay for one thing or another, going to help our folks here that need it!!! 

What do you all think??? Let me know.


5 thoughts on “Suddenly Sunday!

  1. Guess we are enthralled because they make such outrageous big bucks – which is our fault – I personally think that tv/movie people and sport figures should make what a normal white collar worker makes – if we would stop buying outrageous ticket prices and turn off our boob tubes until salaries become more reasonable, none of this stuff would make the news – Hiya Hiya Terri

  2. Terri,

    I’ve wondered the same thing. And, I agree with Anne, the salaries paid to athletes alone is horrid.

    Why people are so enamored of celebrities is a million dollar question, but because they are, the salaries go up ,and the paparazzi make a fortune as well.

  3. I personally don’t follow that sort of what I consider “junk” news – you know, passing all that celebrity stuff off to the mental “junk folder.”

    But, I do agree more needs to be done for those in bad situations here in our own local areas.

    It’s one thing to say that, and quite another to do something about it. I’m sad to say that the most I have done is pray about the situation, since it is so far reaching.

    The local economy has hit us hard, and my husband was unemployed for months. Now he has a job that neither one of us like, but it pays the bills.

    I don’t know where that leaves me and my family. We don’t have room in our house to take someone in. Even if we did, I’m not sure we’d have enough extra funds to take care of an additional person.

    Sigh. I do believe you’re right, and we should be doing something.

    • Katie,
      You have to take care of yourself first! Praying is a wonderful way to help. It helps everyone. “Helping others” doesn’t have to be with money or a bed to sleep in…you are doing more than most! Keep it up, I will also!

  4. This is a post we as a nation need to wake up to. Most people are numb or asleep to the REAL problems or struggles in society. If we take a good hard look inside, let the junk in the trunk be cleaned out and stop filling our minds with more negative junk, in my opinion we’re off to a good start.

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