Tuesday, Tuesday!!!

What a muggy beginning to a wonderful day.  I am going to make this a wonderful day, if it kills me (and it might!). 

Last night I was awaken at least 4 times with ‘characters’ running around everywhere!  I think they are trying to tell me to write this book about myself.  I don’t know, for one, if anyone would be interested and two, it would be the longest book in the history of man.  Haha.  I have been so upset with all these doctors not being able to “fix” me.  I keep being told the symptoms just have to be treated.  Problem is, it seems surgery is the only way to “fix” them.  Surgery is the easy part, it’s all the pain and tests you have to go through first.  I could run just about every machine  in the medical world.  I laugh every time I hear, “Have you ever had this before?”.  I have had every darn one available and some that aren’t usually used anymore!!!

I have had doctors tell me to be thankful that I’m able to get up and move around.  I have had them tell me “most” people wouldn’t even be able to do …  Well, I don’t want to hear all that.  I want to be fixed!

Anyone know a good body shop for people???

Have a great day…I’m gonna try!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, Tuesday!!!

  1. Hi Terri, your attitude is admirable. I’m sorry to hear it’s been so hard…do you have back pain? I’ve been using this machine my mom got me for my birthday and it’s been helping my back a lot. It’s called Back 2 Life, website at http://www.GetBack2Life.com. Not sure if this is what you need, but I figure if anything can help you, why not.

  2. Hi Jinnia!
    Thanks so much for reading my blog! No, not my back this time! It’s my shoulder and arm. I had surgery in April, I have had another text but the doc says it’s not from that. The neurosurgeon said I have another herinated disc in my neck! One thing after another…Still waiting for them to call me back. The pain is just so terrible. I’ve taken meds so maybe I can sleep…

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